Is the Desire to Win Nature or Nurture?

If there was a program called Competitors Anonymous, I’d be a strong contender to be in it. I’m super competitive in everything. Is this motivation to compete and WIN innate or is it due to nurture?

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How the Biggest Break of my Career Quickly Turned into my Biggest F*ckup

After a few weeks working at Virgin Atlantic Airways Sarah Robb O’Hagan could see the marketing department needed a new direction. After creating her own plan, and slipping it under the company president’s desk she got a surprise: He loved it and she got a promotion. That called for a celebration, which lead to her being hungover and missing the first morning in her new job…

Why Do We Assume Men Don’t Want Female Heroes?

Why are we limiting males by giving them access to only half the population of role models? The bold action we can all take is to give men that chance to have women as role models by putting women’s experiences in front of them.

Playing My Specialist Game

So when they asked me to join their team as CEO because they wanted someone to grow this great business into new areas and offerings, it was an easy call: HELL YEEEAH! I wasn’t planning it; I didn’t expect it; But our specialist games aligned as if it was always meant to happen.

One Last New Year’s Resolution We Can All Commit To

So, back to those New Year’s resolutions. How many did you make? How many different changes and projects and plans have you got in mind for 2017? Before the year gets any older, it may be time to ask yourself: Am I focusing on the quality of my work, my relationships, my learning, or am I just throwing a lot of stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks?

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