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Don't let this drive you: - Followers - Job titles - Likes - Money Let this drive you: - Ways to help others - Opportunities to learn and grow - Excitement about what interests you - New soluti...

2 weeks agoBy Extremeyou

When you're half way across the river, it's just as hard to get back to the side you started from as it is to get to the other side. So you may as well just keep going. More

1 month agoBy Extremeyou

5 mantras for the week: 1. Find a way or make one 2. Don't stress about things that cannot be changed 3. Expect nothing, appreciate everything 4. Make the moment right 5. Say yes, see what happen...

2 months agoBy Extremeyou

Every success has a start. Every start begins with a decision. Every decision has a reason, and every reason has a meaning. Make a start. Make a decision. Know your reason. Find your meaning. (re...

2 months agoBy Extremeyou

Stop comparing yourself to others. It only gets in the way of the unique value you bring to the world. You are YOU and that’s enough.

2 months agoBy Extremeyou
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To confidently bring all that is distinctive and relevant about yourself to everything you do

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