Today is an exciting day. I’ve got some big news to share… I’ve started a new job. Boooom!

I am so fired up to announce that I am joining a high energy team of total ass kickers in my new role as Chief Executive Officer for Flywheel Sports — the boutique indoor cycling company. Having spent the last few years writing a book about how the world’s most successful people reach the extremes of their own potential, I have learned that success isn’t a destination, it’s actually a method of discovering who you are at your absolute best so as to find the role and environment where you can really thrive. I call that Playing Your Specialist Game. And what I know to be true is that while you can’t predict when your perfect role is going to come at you from left field, when it does, it’s a good idea to jump up and grab it!

I believe the greatest successes come to those who create their own deeply personal career path.
A year ago, I quit my job to step into the void of personal and professional discovery. All I had for certain was the commitment to write my book, EXTREME YOU. I made this leap because I believe the greatest successes come to those who create their own deeply personal career path — NOT getting complacent and comfortable when you are no longer feeling challenged, NOT fitting into the boxes that others might expect you to, NOT trying to keep up with the Joneses, but instead finding a specialized approach that a certain narrow audience will LOVE within your own unique qualities. So I set out to research and write a book and to create a platform for Extremers — those willing to give their all to build their best selves, in fitness and in life.

That project, and the inspiration that came from interviewing such a brilliant group of highly accomplished Extremers, brought into focus my personal, specialist game, which has been developing for twenty-years now. It started with years of working in the airline business where I developed a passion for service oriented businesses and an understanding for how a well crafted experience can connect really deeply with a consumer. Then I got the opportunity to explore and indulge my personal passion for sports and fitness by making it my career. First understanding the products that athletes need to wear to improve their performance, then the kind of products they need to fuel themselves, and, lastly and most recently, ways to inspire and motivate them through the best kind of fitness training.

Sarah Robb O'Hagan outside Flywheel

Meanwhile, about seven years ago, the well-known indoor cycling instructor Ruth Zukerman started a company called Flywheel Sports. While most people would consider indoor cycling to be a specialty already, Ruth saw an opportunity to specialize even more deeply by developing a unique fitness experience designed to appeal to a unique tribe of people: those who lead an athletically badass life and want to push themselves to the max. As soon as I tried that class, which includes technology to measure your performance against others in the class or your own personal best, I was like YES. THIS IS MY KIND OF FITNESS EXPERIENCE! Authentic, performance-driven and fully badass. Flywheel is not for those who phone it in — it’s a community that welcomes everyone who’s willing to give it their best. It’s fitness for Extremers!

So when they asked me to join their team as CEO because they wanted someone to grow this great business into new areas and offerings, it was an easy call: HELL YEEEAH! I wasn’t planning it; I didn’t expect it; But our specialist games aligned as if it was always meant to happen.

So that’s what you’re going to find me doing. And I’m so fired up for the future of Flywheel Sports. We have been cooking up some super exciting plans to take the experience to many more people in the months and years ahead, so watch this space for news from our team. And at the same time there are lots of great initiatives planned for EXTREME YOU in coming months as well. Join Team Extreme here so you can keep up to date with our news and our community.


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