Today I’m making a scary and exciting leap.

I’m moving on from my dream job to follow my passion.

I’m one of the luckiest people in the world to get to do what I really love in life – and that’s empowering people of all kinds to get more out of their lives. Whether it’s working with world famous athletes, everyday fitness warriors, or at risk youth striving to become physically active; or ambitious students, young professionals or mid-level managers wanting to kick ass in their career, my experiences have led me to a slightly obsessive belief that I can do more to positively impact the world if I dedicate my time and energy in a more focused way. I’m convinced that there is a huge amount of dormant potential out there waiting to be unleashed!

Nothing inspires me more than the pace of innovation that exists in business and society today – driven by the awesome young minds who can see opportunities that their predecessors didn’t, and who more importantly have the imagination and real desire to improve the world we live in. I just LOVE them for that! At the same time, I am becoming more and more concerned that we have simply not equipped these young people to reach their huge potential. Somewhere along the way, we decided as a society that “everyone’s a winner.” We gave medals for just showing up, and tried to shield young people from the pain of defeat or loss. We have been creating expectations that you get promoted just for doing your job, and inadvertently we have created a generation that research tells us is less likely to take risks, and more likely to give up and “job hop” when the going gets tough. In short we are not giving these young minds the right tools, experiences and drive that it takes to successfully break through and change the game.

In my career – working alongside some of the highest-performing human beings on the planet – I have learned that “expectations” are places to visit in your head, whereas what it actually takes to have outsized impact in the real world is naked ambition and hunger to bend the world with your will.

I’m concerned not only about the younger generation. I’ve had plenty of conversations with those in mid-career who are deeply aware that the pace of change and innovation is overtaking them. Fearful of losing their foothold on the corporate ladder, many spend their time trying to fit into the system, rather than to challenge and improve it. Why are many of America’s greatest companies struggling to stay relevant in our fast changing world? It’s freakin’ hard work to break the system from within.

So instead of only talking about this problem with countless peers, and worrying that its affecting our competitiveness, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m going to spend the next period of my life creating and building a brand-new platform from scratch. Because what I believe is needed does not today exist.

I have a unique opportunity to use my experiences, my knowledge and my network to make a change – to give people the tools and support they need to reach their personal and professional potential. I plan to galvanize and inspire them to do what it takes to drive big badass success and progress in a fiercely competitive global environment.

When I look back on my own experiences – it’s the numerous incredible mentors that have been kind enough to give me a giant kick in the ass when I needed it most that have gotten me to where I am today. It’s time to pay it forward.

I am currently writing a book called EXTREMEYOU, to be published by HarperCollins early next year. EXTREMEYOU is based on my experiences (both good and embarrassingly bad!) along with the personal stories of an amazing collection of over achieving high-profile Extremers from ALL walks of life who I’ve had the great pleasure to know and learn from. In my journey of Extreme exploration, I have discovered a unique approach to success that is accessible to pretty much anyone who is motivated to get after it. So I’m going to give everything I have to codify this method and bring it to life so that individuals, teams, companies and hell, even countries can benefit!

My book will be accompanied by the EXTREMEYOU™ content platform of inspirational and educational articles, as well as programs, tools, workshops and experiences for ALL Extremers of ALL levels who have the guts and drive to achieve their potential and want to learn how to get it done.

The decision to move on from my dream job running Equinox, the world’s top luxury fitness company, was one of the toughest I’ve ever made. Simply put – the Equinox team is family to me and it is their energy and commitment to making people’s lives better that has inspired me to see I can do even more.

Many of my trusted confidants warned me not to quit my job without something at least a little more secure to go to.

“Sarah – you have kids to put through college.”

“Sarah you’re a BIG picture kind of gal – you need a big company to sink your teeth into and lead to the next level.”

But the more I’ve talked through and passionately shared my ideas for the future with the close mentors and leaders I look up to, the more I’ve had them look me in the eye and tell me I’ve got to go for it… go ALL IN – because the need is now, and if anyone can do this, it’s me.

So I’ve decided they’re right. And I’m GOING FOR IT!

I’ve always believed you should break yourself to make yourself, because real personal growth happens in our discomfort zones. While leaving a great job and an amazing team who I tremendously respect and utterly adore is scary and lonely – I know that now is one of those times when I need to walk my own talk because I believe I am walking towards the most exciting and valuable work of my life.

I’m going to blog my journey as a living “warts and all” example of being EXTREMEYOU!

So if you want to learn what can happen if you are ready to step up, put in the really hard work and do what it takes to live to your potential and make a difference in the world, please come join me on this journey by signing up using the form below.




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