BOOM! Just like that 2017 is coming to an end! We are now officially in resolutions season, triggering that amazing feeling of having a blank slate upon which to put a whole fresh set of hopes and goals. I looked back at some of my favorite articles and talks of 2017 and pulled together my top 5 pieces of advice to get you kick started for an #Extreme2018. So instead of just thinking about your objective goals for 2018, think about HOW you want to go about achieving them to be the most extreme version of YOU!

1. Embrace your f*ckups

One of my biggest beliefs is that FAILURE IS NECESSARY if you want to learn, grow, and get the most out of your own potential. Don’t plan for a failure-free 2018; plan to embrace and learn from your f*ck ups. Remember: sometimes the most epic fails lay the groundwork for your future successes!


2. Make an ass of yourself and embrace your life unfiltered

I was inspired by the #AthletesUnfiltered campaign at Strava to reflect on the craziness of our over-coiffed, perfect Instagram lives. As we become more dependent on social media, the pressure to be perfect is getting worse. When you focus on perfection you miss the opportunity to be the best version of you! In 2018, embrace your ugly bits. When you accept those unfiltered parts of yourself, you can live authentically. It’s liberating to just make an ass of yourself and let go of the need to be perfect!



3. Practice patience in finding your passion

Photo of graduates with one standing out from the crowdWhen you graduate, you’re told to set a goal, make a plan, and keep your head down until you get there. But in the early years of your career you need to experience lots of things to find out what you love. Whether you are graduating or are graduated, it’s OK to NOT know what you want to be when you grow up, it’s OK to screw up, and it’s OK to not know what your passion is. Practice patience in the new year; just because you aren’t where you want to be right now, doesn’t mean you’re not well on your way to getting there.


4. Build your anti-resume

We are constantly shown the highlight reels of people’s careers and lives. What we never see are the epic failures that push people to epic success. Your anti-resume is the truth behind what REALLY develops you, the failures, the mistakes, the f*ck ups that prove you are willing to take the risks needed to succeed! This year go forth, fail, and build your anti-resume!

5. Be BOLD

All of the badasses that I interviewed for my book Extreme You had one thing in common: the courage to be BOLD. They all had the guts to try different things to learn where they thrived (and where they didn’t), they got out of their comfort zone, and they took risks to get what they wanted in life! This year, don’t let fear hold you back. Be daring, go after opportunities, and be BOLD!

2017 was great, and 2018 will be EXTREME! This is the year to stand up, get out of line, take risks, and become #EXTREMEYOU! #LetsDOThis


This post was originally published on Linkedin

Image: NordWood Themes/Unsplash


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