We offer Consulting Services focused on Business Strategy and Team Building.

Strategic Consulting


We work with CEOs, division leaders or entire teams to develop strategies for long term sustained growth


External analysis of current business performance and competitive landscape

Internal analysis of team performance, capability and alignment

Highly collaborative interactive meetings to develop long term sustainable growth plans

Specific functional plans can be developed around

  • Enterprise or business unit strategic planning
  • Product offering and innovation
  • Go to market strategies
  • Marketing as a growth driver
  • Technology as a growth driver
  • Driving high performance talent and teams
  • Executional roll out – supporting and executing to the level required by the company.

Team Training


  • We work with teams large and small to help them unlock more of their potential
  • We have a specific expertise in working through “inter generational” workforce issues – bringing about high performance from millennials through to their Gen X and boomer leaders


  • Keynote address to deliver the opportunity of becoming an extreme team
  • Two full days and one evening of content and experiences
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Two instructors


  • Content will introduce the 9 pillars of Extreme YOU
  • Guided exercises to break into teams to understand how to maximize individual skills and collective teams
  • Overnight challenge/scavenger hunt to complete team missions
  • Share outs of assignments, and future team commitment


Sarah Robb O'Hagan Speaking

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